Thursday, 27 October 2011


Sitting in a Corner, besides the window
All seems so wonderful outside
Birds chirping Wind Blowing
People enjoying their evenings and outings together

But sitting and thinking here, is the Lone Ranger
As thoughts scramble from within, it gives a feel
Of the Lone Ranger

People come and people go.
Some give beautiful memories
Some vanish like an express train,
Then there are those who give you bitterness
Showing that yes, here is the lone ranger !!!!

Walking through the thorns, amongst a wide range of bushes
It seems pretty outside, but none could see the inner plight.
Of The Lone Ranger.

Cars are driven fast as the years go by
Every memory gives the ranger a splitting edge.
What if time can be taken back and things can be turned over ?

Once again, to live those days, with all smiles along the path of life,
Many questions hovering, through the impeccable mind
A journey of questions unanswered

As the lone ranger thinks, there comes that smile
The phase of love which never blossomed
Sweetest memories to follow unperturbed
But still along the path, there are the loved ones

As smiles come along from another path, But…
The loneliness still reckons the lone ranger
As the dusty winds from the past come by
Leaving a ray of hope, BUT to end in doomsday again.

Trying to finish off one end, but comes another end
With a trembling approach to solve the unsolved puzzles
Is he really a lone ranger?

But the positive approach makes the mind calm once again
Thinking of the unsolved puzzles to come
The challenges to be faced.

A confused life so far to be converted into a complete successful jouney.
Questions keep hovering as the thorns are still in plenty.
Friends are many but still the ranger prefers to be alone
As the challenging times lie ahead.

 Life has come  full circle for him.
There comes the hope of love again .
Bringing back smiles to the one .

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