Thursday, 27 October 2011


We live through them,
We are here due to them.
 A downfall assured if not taken care,
 Only a crumbling man’s world to be foreseen.

 An epitome of beauty as they are,
Thousands are enthralled by their gentleness.
 From a mother’s  touch to a sweet hug from the lover,
 Women beautify our lives with their unbounded love.
 And carve it perfectly through their calm composure ,
 Making their presence felt all over every single minute.

 New horizons have begun ,
 But still the worst beckons them.
 Made to live between the family’s wrath and religious beliefs on the other,
 Some keep fighting on for their freedom while some perish to the ill deeds.

 They are our wings made by the master,
 Without whom we just are mere lone rangers.
 Great fighters within their own sights,
 An added charm being our real backbone.
 Constant pressures on them will have to be wiped off,
 And unburdening their miseries with affection and love.

 While those who move heads up,
 At times , give up  to the ultra dominance.
 A factor which needs to be executed soon,
 So that the roadway is on it’s easier path.

 A guiding pillar of strength,
 Walk hand in hand  like a flock of birds swaying away.
 Every stone touched by them turns to gold,
 Just like we see snow covering those peaks.
 They are our Shining stars.
 Who will sparkle  throughout.

 They deserve a special place, away from the chauvanists,
 Heart and soul moulded in to make it a perfect picture.
 Strive to make it look white while leaving it’s pitfalls,
 Respect and space is the need of the hour

 Time has come to let them express in words,
 And give them the flow of those soothing  waves.
 Give them the power to choose, in a true democratic space
 Where their opinions are wished for.
 World seems a better place with them around.
 They are an Epitome of true and classical Beauty…………

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