Thursday, 27 October 2011


Enchanted by the beauty of the Mossy Falls,
I walk down the slopes of that dense forest.
A simplified beauty within itself approaches me,
Reminding me of those Mussorrie’s Diaries.

Tiny water droplets are suspended into the atmosphere,
I feel , I am becoming Yours,Just Yours.

I have never felt the same,
Till the point you came,
Filling my life with those utmost fragrances.

I am flowing away in your dreams,
Dreams which have remained unfulfilled so far.

As the exhilarating view of these Snow Clad Mountains mesmerizes me,
I am surprised by the sensuous peck on my lips.
Hand in hand besides the Lake Mist,
I just embrace you down the Camel’s Back Road.

To Say,
At last , the Ranger has found his path to the Roadway,
The Roadway to the ‘Mussorrie Diaries’…………

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