Thursday, 27 October 2011


Are we proud of our Motherland?
Where people walk in hand in hand.
It’s the paradise of the Taj and the Akbars,
In the same way ,a place of prise rises and inflations.
Surrounded by the beautiful landcapes and mystic valleys,
Our motherland is filled with corrupt politicians.

Country with utmost Democracy,
But in reality is a target of bureaucracy.
There is the evershining Bollywood,
Yet it takes ideas from Hollywood.
At one end,we have the Cricketing  fever,
Followed by the people’s mindset which changes never.

The snowy mountains of the Rohtang,
To  the enchanting  valleys of the Manalis.
A land of worshipped criminals,
To  the fascinating  animated visuals.
Tourists flock in to see it’s beauty,
Preserving it is our duty.

We see scenarios of rich outlasting the poor,
Yet we haven’t found any cure.
Innocents suffer due to the politics,
It is the land where money first speaks.
Time has come when child labour is stopped,
Alongwith the prostitution racket which has to be chopped.

We are the country’s future,
Lets come together to enhance our beautiful culture.
Youth is the changing face of our nation,
Who  can only lead to it’s future creation. 
With a mix blend of fresh new ideas,
A pledge to give our nation a new outlook.

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  1. ya,exactly a coin has two sides...a pathbreaking effort will be reqd. to eradicate all above said problems....any way it's nice to see your poem ........