Saturday, 29 October 2011


As I go into the world of illusions ,
I see myself plunging deep down,
Sowing the seeds of immense pleasure.

My path to the destiny is grounded,
Fulfilling every wish granted from me.
A step towards the lushgreen meadows is on,
To start a fresh outlook into the valley of dreams.

It is a path of unknown setbacks,
And a mixed bag of confused mindsets,
Followed by the Wheel Of Fortune of the Planets.

An optimism carried on till the end,
None can stop me from reaching those twisted ends.
Which are full of enigmatic energy,
Like a predator prying on his kills.

Standing still on the rocky edge,
Everything is going on the right path,
Like those white clouds ready to burst.

Few pictures make me thoughtless,
While I go ahead till the last leap.
Conquering every particle of positivity,
With a smile capturing a thousand minds.

A crackling fire outsets me from within,
Taking over this journey of unwanted tornadoes on one hand,
And destructive pessimism on the other.

In a destination of speechless corners,
I have the ability to make it count.
By riding ahead throughout the uncertain currents,
A desire to achieve my Ignited Dreamz……..


  1. hey..nice one...
    u know even i have a blog..just check it out...
    and inform me if you like it..:)

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  4. Beautifully written Huma. The use of words is really eye catching. Keep writing and All the best for all your works :)