Thursday, 27 October 2011


The saga of the umteempth puzzle unfolds itself,
A question flickers through the mind,
Will the sun ever meet the moon?
Or  will it fade away into the gloomy night.
Without meeting that little star of his!
Not a day was spent without him,
Playing in those arms of his throughout the day,
Gradually learning to walk that extra mile with him.
Tresspassing those inumerous thorns,
Every passing week was a blessing.
Till Those tides hit those massive rocks
Felt like the bird had lost its wings,
The smooth flow again getting disturbed
Waves which were so beautiful to watch
Never were the same again.
Few footsteps taken down the wrong lane,
The Quiet distancing between the sun and the moon.
Those hands which showed the ranger his way
Suddenly disappeared into the eery night.
Years have gone by as the road is nearby,
At times, it looks foggy,
And at times it seems Out Of Reach
Yet that Sun is waiting for that sweet hug,
From his little star who is grown up now.
Attempts to Find the One were Futile 
But there lies that hope at the end of the tunnel
Maybe Someday the Sun’s rays will brighten up
To march ahead of the Star and the Moon.
And To end the Puzzle of the unknown dilemma,
Which at a point was “Out Of Reach”.

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