Thursday, 27 October 2011


Young souls are caught up in a trapped puzzle,
Trying to find their  own way.
Within a life full of hassles,
Waiting to have their own say.

We abide by the decisions,
Yet no thought given to our dreams.
A journey to achieve unestablished missions,
With an urge for  Freedom.

Few succumb to the constant pressures,
None understands our plight.
We are ready to take up the measures,
Having a  proper vision and sight.

Targets are set and unattained goals to be met,
Considering every wish to be fulfilled.
Our own dreams have to be set,
With an urge for Freedom.

Times have changed yet the thinking is the same,
Quick changes have to be made.
Else there  will only be igniting flames,
And all will be too late to be said.

Leaving behind the emotions,
Good hearts would turn selfish.
As we march towards our destination,
With an Urge for Freedom……………

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