Thursday, 27 October 2011


With the tiny droplets falling from above,
Was this the icing on the cake?
The Manalian Monsoons have arrived,
In the land of the exotic Himalayas.

Couples are seen round every corner of the beautiful gardens,
Just lost in themselves in this mesmerizing rainy weather.
Not even noticing there are people around,
This is the magic of these Manalian Monsoons.

The atmosphere itself is so wonderful, 
Rains have arrived following the gloomy weather.
A perfect place for romance ,I should say,
It’s just you and me here,My Baby.

For a moment the rain stops,
And the cold breeze comes and goes away.
To start the drizzle again,
The cold is sending shivers across yet it’s so charismatic.

It feels like there is an element of mystery in this place,
An aura which in itself is spellbounding.
Giving its fragrances throughout,
This is the nature at it’s best.

Drenched as we are right now,
Walking our way in midst of this Kulu Valley.
A valley known as the Valley Of Gods,
And these illuminating raindrops falling on the backdrop.

 Monsoons have made these moments amazing,
Perfectly matched by the innocense of yours.
With an evening which will be cherished,
As the Manalian Monsoons go on and on ………………….

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