Saturday, 29 October 2011


As I go into the world of illusions ,
I see myself plunging deep down,
Sowing the seeds of immense pleasure.

My path to the destiny is grounded,
Fulfilling every wish granted from me.
A step towards the lushgreen meadows is on,
To start a fresh outlook into the valley of dreams.

It is a path of unknown setbacks,
And a mixed bag of confused mindsets,
Followed by the Wheel Of Fortune of the Planets.

An optimism carried on till the end,
None can stop me from reaching those twisted ends.
Which are full of enigmatic energy,
Like a predator prying on his kills.

Standing still on the rocky edge,
Everything is going on the right path,
Like those white clouds ready to burst.

Few pictures make me thoughtless,
While I go ahead till the last leap.
Conquering every particle of positivity,
With a smile capturing a thousand minds.

A crackling fire outsets me from within,
Taking over this journey of unwanted tornadoes on one hand,
And destructive pessimism on the other.

In a destination of speechless corners,
I have the ability to make it count.
By riding ahead throughout the uncertain currents,
A desire to achieve my Ignited Dreamz……..

Thursday, 27 October 2011


A midst the scorching valleys and mystic mountains,
A tale of love blossomed

Maybe it was love at first sight
Romancing themselves along the way,
And that exotic dance amongst those lushgreen fields. 

Who can forget that scintillating touch?
The tender kiss which brought a million smiles. 
With the rain drooping over them

A perfect moment to fall in love, it was. 
Walking hand in hand through the snowy path,
The journey to the destination was nearby. 

But yet again the departure happened
Leaving behind an aura of puzzles,
A trail of unanswered questions. 
And the Ranger’s ill luck with love continued…..


The saga of the umteempth puzzle unfolds itself,
A question flickers through the mind,
Will the sun ever meet the moon?
Or  will it fade away into the gloomy night.
Without meeting that little star of his!
Not a day was spent without him,
Playing in those arms of his throughout the day,
Gradually learning to walk that extra mile with him.
Tresspassing those inumerous thorns,
Every passing week was a blessing.
Till Those tides hit those massive rocks
Felt like the bird had lost its wings,
The smooth flow again getting disturbed
Waves which were so beautiful to watch
Never were the same again.
Few footsteps taken down the wrong lane,
The Quiet distancing between the sun and the moon.
Those hands which showed the ranger his way
Suddenly disappeared into the eery night.
Years have gone by as the road is nearby,
At times, it looks foggy,
And at times it seems Out Of Reach
Yet that Sun is waiting for that sweet hug,
From his little star who is grown up now.
Attempts to Find the One were Futile 
But there lies that hope at the end of the tunnel
Maybe Someday the Sun’s rays will brighten up
To march ahead of the Star and the Moon.
And To end the Puzzle of the unknown dilemma,
Which at a point was “Out Of Reach”.


A trip down memory lane 
Someone came in with a cool breeze 
And left like a flying bird, far far away!  
Life passed by till happiness arrived 
Only to last for a fleeting moment 
Cute innocence led them together 
Secrets were shared,  
As colours filled their Lives 
Those hugs and those mesmerizing moments.  
But everything fell apart. 
Followed by fights in disarray 
Feeling like an empty soul all over.

Maybe they were not destined ……………..  
Again came the hope, amongst those lashing waves 
Leaving no stone unturned  
Things remained unsaid.  
Both moved on with time 
To say that Last GoodBye, which never happened……….. 
A Meeting which never lasted  
Days passed as the distances distanced. 
Dreams still unfulfilled 
All was said through those eyes 
On the day of taking the Vow, 
Giving each other a LAST GOODBYE………………………


Are we proud of our Motherland?
Where people walk in hand in hand.
It’s the paradise of the Taj and the Akbars,
In the same way ,a place of prise rises and inflations.
Surrounded by the beautiful landcapes and mystic valleys,
Our motherland is filled with corrupt politicians.

Country with utmost Democracy,
But in reality is a target of bureaucracy.
There is the evershining Bollywood,
Yet it takes ideas from Hollywood.
At one end,we have the Cricketing  fever,
Followed by the people’s mindset which changes never.

The snowy mountains of the Rohtang,
To  the enchanting  valleys of the Manalis.
A land of worshipped criminals,
To  the fascinating  animated visuals.
Tourists flock in to see it’s beauty,
Preserving it is our duty.

We see scenarios of rich outlasting the poor,
Yet we haven’t found any cure.
Innocents suffer due to the politics,
It is the land where money first speaks.
Time has come when child labour is stopped,
Alongwith the prostitution racket which has to be chopped.

We are the country’s future,
Lets come together to enhance our beautiful culture.
Youth is the changing face of our nation,
Who  can only lead to it’s future creation. 
With a mix blend of fresh new ideas,
A pledge to give our nation a new outlook.