Saturday, 23 July 2011

Teacher and Students- A Selfless Bond

It was another usual day at school and the teacher was busy taking the attendance of her class. But she was not as usual cheerful and suddenly, tears rolled down her cheeks. The children took no time to realize the reason; it being the last day of the session or, rather it was the last time they were together in the same class, where they had spent the whole year sharing their periods of joys and sorrows with their teacher.
Not everyone can understand this attachment. It is a kind of bond between the students and the teacher which has been woven with threads of love and warmth, irrespective of creed or religion.
The school is said to be the ‘second home’ of a child and the teacher a second mother, she makes efforts to keep herself well informed about the child…. She channelizes their mind, their imagination and inclination in right direction. She is always there to drive away the evil forces that spoil the colourful streams of students ‘thoughts and emotions.’ Perhaps that is why a student becomes so attached with a teacher within a span of few years. He is conscious of the fact that whatever needed she is the one whom he can always fall back upon. He is ready to part with his most priced possessions for his teacher. He always idealizes her and tries to follow her.
Teachers very much become the reflection of students deeds. One can see her face radiate with happiness on seeing her student picking up laurels of success in any field. She is one who encourages even when they lose.
Really, this selfless relationship is rare to see in this mechanized world. Teachers work relentlessly for the betterment of students and with proper guidance lead them to the path of prosperity. Students and teachers come and go but the memories of sweet, innocent school days make permanent home in their hearts.

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