Sunday, 24 July 2011


Deterioration of moral values is being noticed in every sphere of life and these results in various evils for society. Corruption infested in every system and every institution is also the result of degradation of human values. Lord Acton remarks “power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely” seems to be true in the present social, political and economic systems. It is a multi headed hydra, with no Hercules in sight to slay it.
Corruption which is a curse for society does not mean only taking or giving bribe. It involves as mentioned by Santhanam Committee “misuse of official position or authority, deviation from rules, law and norms, non action when action is required, personal gain for selfish motives, momentary forms and harm to public good.”
In India, corruption has invaded the whole society to such extent that people are now averse to thinking of public life without this phenomenon. Corruption is so rooted in India that people no longer protest against corrupt practices or express any shock when big scandals are exposed. Start with the hospital where a child is born and more further on to education system, opportunities, political system, judiciary, law and order, other day to day activities and till post mortem report and crematorium, corruption is everywhere.
The most significant factor promoting corruption is government, administration, human behavior, erosion of moral and ethical values because of growing materialism, consumerism and disinterest in others problem and needs, lust for wealth and power, all promote corruption in society. Social respect shown to rich and powerful irrespective of their source of wealth and power has also worsened the situation. Economic forces too lead to corruption. A man cannot think about morality if his basic needs are not fulfilled.
The general attitude towards all pervading corruption is that of helplessness. Corruption is hampering the progress of society economically and socially. It promotes inequity, injustice, inefficiency, discrimination, disparity, chaos and anarchy in socio-political system. It erodes the faith of the common man in political-administrative system.
Problem of corruption can’t be removed from the society at once but it can be reduced to a great extent with the help of strong public opinion and determination of government. What is perhaps the most significant priority in the battle against corruption is to adopt coercive legal measures and to evolve a culture of moral conduct in all dimensions of life. Before our entire system collapses, we should cast a stone at the monster of corruption. In such, a holistic approach to understanding and combating the menace of corruption is required. All the segments of society must have the will and competence to get rid of problem of corruption so that society could flourish.

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